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ZOOM 101: Tips for productive WFH calls, family fun, and virtual happy hours!

In these times of uncertainty, as we are asked to connect with each other virtually, the team compiled some tips, tricks, and fun ideas to use while Zoomin’ (or any other video chat platform). It’s time to show off that quarantine skin routine you’ve been working on!

Team JS Zoomin'!

Working From Home


If you are facing the new reality of working from home, and have to find a quiet, yet productive workspace to focus - you’re not alone! Hosting Zoom meetings with colleagues, employees, or prospective business partners can be nerve racking. Have no fear! See below for some great WFH Zoom tips:

Tip 1: Get Dressed

Get dressed for your day, especially meetings!Even if it’s just your shirt. This will help draw a line between work & home. Here are our favorite comfy, yet professional tops to keep you stylish and focused:

Shop directly from the image or click these links (listed from left - right):

Ashby Ruffle Top
Serena Sleeveless Sweater
Corrin Top

Tip 2: Finding Your Light

Sit with your computer facing a window to illuminate your face and prevent shadows. Another great tip if this is not an option, is to purchase a Ring Light. These are all the rave with fashion/beauty bloggers videoing their routines at home. This will give your complexion a perfect balance for the next virtual interview you have set up! Try this popular Model here.

Tip 3: Stay Hydrated and Active

Post 3-hour Zoom meeting, take a break to stretch or exercise! We love dressing the part in our super cute spring activewear sets:

Shop directly from the image or click these links (listed from left - right):

Elle Sports Bra in Cheetah
Tummy Control Hottie in Cheetah
Toni Seamless Bra in Ocean Tie-Dye
Tummy Control Hottie in Meteorite
Ace Capri in Floral Stripe
Hermosa Cropped Tank in Desert

Family Fun


Have bored kids at home? Are you missing your out-of-state relatives? Us too!!! Here are some great games to play over Zoom/FaceTime with the whole family:

Tip 1: Playing Cards

We found a website to play various card games virtually with the whole family! They have Go Fish, Backgammon, Checkers and more. Check it out here!

Tip 2: Trivia

Create your own trivia game and make it about your family or friends! Or, play trivia that is already created for you here. Super fun and will stir up some friendly competition.

Tip 3: Charades

Make teams and act out different categories over Zoom. People of all ages can participate!

Play and lounge in our favorite *stay at home* looks.

Virtual Happy Hours


Last and certainly not least, we compiled some fun Zoom happy hour ideas for when 5 O’Clock hits!
Our favorite time of the day.

Tip 1: Theme Nights

Tequila Tuesday doesn’t just exist at your favorite taco restaurant. Spice up your nights of the week by planning theme nights with your girls. Margherita’s on Thursday and Mojitos on Friday!

Tip 2: Movie Time

Host a Friday Night Movie with drinks & popcorn over Zoom. Everyone can watch a movie on Netflix by setting up the showtime here.

Tip 3: Girl Talk

Play games like Never Have I Ever, or Two Truths and a Lie with your favorite Pinot. There’s nothing like laughing with your besties! We hope to get back to face to face hang outs soon! This photo was taken last Fall and we miss each other!

We hope you enjoyed our Zoom tips while we soak up this time at home. Hopefully some productivity, family fun, and cocktails will brighten your weeks!
XoXo - Team JS

Article contributed by Gabi Mucciolo.