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You’re a Gem Craft

Resin is our new favorite activity!

A trip to the craft store always gets us curious and excited to try new projects.  We recently decided to give resin a go and we couldn’t be happier with the results!

So happy, in fact, that we used our new creations for Valentine’s gifts for our closest friends.

I must warn you that gloves and a ventilated space are encouraged as the resin can be sticky and smelly while wet. Make sure to read the safety instructions on the kit that you purchase.

We used a resin kit, glitter and a gemstone mold purchased at Michaels.

How to Make Resin Valentine's 

Pour equal parts Casting Resin and Casting Hardener in 2 cups.

Combine the two cups and mix the substance for 5 minutes, until it is smooth and clear.

Next pour your resin into the mold.  

Add glitter of your choice and mix into the mold.

Now let it sit for 4 hours or until it is totally hardened...certain brands take longer than others.


Voila! You have created a beautiful, sparkly gem that your friends will be sure to treasure!