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Workout At Home: Dynamic Warm Up

Teri Ann Krefting is a fitness trainer and personal friend of Team JS. She put together this quick and effecting 20-minute HIIT workout for you to get moving in 2021!

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These 4 moves are a perfect dynamic warm up before you jump into any of our at home work-outs. Do each move for 2 minutes, 5 times through, for a total of 10 minutes. 

Each exercise is demonstrated by showing your beginning and end positioning. 

1. Straight Leg Kicks: Standing straight and facing ahead, swing leg up towards the sky while the opposite arm swings up to meet leg. Repeat with other side. 

2. Plank to Down Dog: Start in a high plank. Move body into Down Dog. Once in Down Dog, reach hand towards your opposite foot. Go back to Down Dog, repeat with opposite hand to opposite foot.

3. Runner's Lunge with Spinal Twist: Move body into Runner's Lunge (body in a lunge position, one hand to the floor, other hand reaching to the ceiling). Bring hand that is towards the ceiling to your opposite foot creating a crunch. Do ten times and then switch forward foot. Repeat. 

4. Sumo Squat Hip Opener: Stand tall with feet spread wide, reach hands to the ceiling. Sink into a squat, pushing your triceps into your thighs, encouraging a hip stretch. Stand, repeat. 

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