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Valentine's Day Pizza Party

We decided we would do a date night at home to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year.

It’s actually kind of a relief not to have to find a last minute reservation at some overbooked fancy restaurant.  And the kids were more than excited that they were going to get to help make dinner. We did a "Pre-Valentine's Day" dinner to get excited for the big day and to share with you what you'll need to make these on Sunday. 

We decided to go with individual heart shaped pizzas so everyone could make theirs just the way they want it.


What You Need:

Pizza Dough

Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter (or can do by hand)

Pizza Sauce

Shredded Mozzarella


(it's that easy!)


The kids had a blast playing with the dough.  This dinner prep turned sensory play was a huge hit and kept them entertained for an hour!

Turn your music up, do a little dance, and celebrate St. Valentine with a memorable night at home with your family.