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Moves I Can Do: Low Impact Workout

Today our local Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Personal Trainer, Stephanie Mason, shows us how a Low Impact Workout can work up a sweat in 20 minutes. As a new mom, she needs to utilize her time as best as she can and this workout hits the spot!

Workout powered by JS active gear + wear! This low impact workout targets all major muscle  groups and can be done within 20 minutes.  

Do each exercise for 1 minute each and back to back for three rounds. Rest for 1:00 in  between rounds and repeat. 

1) Banded Glute Bridges.

Place the band above the knees and line up your knees right over  the ankle. Push through the heels, drive the hips up, and engage the core and glutes. Repeat  slow and controlled for 1 minute. 

2) High Resistance Band Bent Over Row.

Stand with band under your feet about hip width  distance apart. Drive the elbows back, hold for a one second pause, and slowly release down  for a back burner! Repeat for 1:00. 

3) Forward Lunge with Rotation.

Step forward into a lunge, holding the ball. Straighten the  arms, engage the core, and rotate towards the forward leg. Alternate sides for 1:00. 

4) Stability Ball Pass Through.

Start lying on your back with your feet off the ground, and your  shoulders off the ground, holding the ball overhead. Engage the core and crunch forward,  pass the ball to your feet, and extend back to the start position, (now with the ball between  your feet). Repeat for 1:00. 

5) Stability Squat to Push.

Place the band above your knees, and sit down and back into a  squat. As you sit down into the squat, engage the core, extend the arms and push the ball  away from you. Repeat for 1:00. 

Don’t forget to recover post workout. This is just as important as the workout itself!  

Spend a minimum of 5 minutes stretching and using the massage gun.


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