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Moves I Can Do: 30-Minute Cardio

Teri Ann Krefting is a fitness trainer and personal friend of Team JS. Teri Ann created this quick 30-minute cardio session to help you work up a great sweat in our some of our new Jessica Simpson active accessories and workout gear.

Let’s keep moving together -  tag us at @JessicaSimpsonStyle!

Teri Ann's Quick 30-Minute Cardio

0:00-2:00 speed walk
2:00-3:00 jog

3:00-4:00 speed walk
4:00-6:00 jog

6:00-8:00 speed walk
8:00-9:00 jog

9:00-10:00 speed walk
10:00-12:00 jog

12:00- 14:00 speed walk
14:00- 15:00 jog

15:00- 16:00 speed walk
16:00-18:00 jog

18:00-20:00 speed walk
20:00- 21:00 jog

21:00-22:00 speed walk
22:00-24:00 jog

24:00-26:00 speed walk
26:00-27:00 jog

27:00-28:00 speed walk
28:00-30:00 jog


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