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Maxwell Makes Jessica A Tie-Dye Sweatshirt!

It seems Tie-Dye is the quarantine staple in every fashionista's closet.  The happy and bright colors are a nice escape from the gloomy news on the TV all day.

Jessica and family were decked out in their tie-dye on Easter, but you can never have too much colorful loungewear these days! Max channeled quarantines biggest trend to make a Mother’s Day gift for mom Jessica. With a step by step guide over FaceTime from her friend Lolo and her kids, she was able to create the cutest tie dye hoodie that we know Jessica is gonna love!

We experimented with a few different color combos between us and we are loving the way it all came out! 

How To Tie-Dye

Step 1: Find a white or light colored blank to dye. We used Sweatshirts, Tees and Shorts!

Step 2: 
Buy a Tie-Dye Kit.

Step 3: Use the spiral method to create the print. Lay the fabric flat, pinch the center and twisting the fabric in a circular motion and continue until all of the fabric is in a spiral shape.

Step 4: Use rubber bands to hold it together. It's now ready to dye!

Step 5: Lolo tried to keep her colors separated in the little wedges that the rubber bands created for a more subtle look, while the kids were a little more free with their colors.

Step 6: After we finished using the dyes, we put them in ziploc bags and put them aside for about 10 hours. We were excited to see the results!

Step 7: Once the colors have saturated, you rinse the dye out until the color is stops running. Then we put it in the dryer and viola!

Maxi's final sweatshirt for Jessica:

Lolo and kids:

Lolo and her more subtle looking sweatshirt!

She went back and added more using the same subtle technique:

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