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Master Your Morning Routine

Stephanie Mason is an LA-based holistic health & lifestyle blogger, nutrition coach, and NASM certified personal trainer.  She will be sharing her go-to morning routine that will start you off productive for the day with a clear mind and an open heart.



I start my day off every morning (on an empty stomach) with a warm cup of water with a teaspoon of sole added to it. Sole pronounced solay, is a mixture of filtered water and Himalayan pink sea salt. You may be thinking why would I put salt in water?  The body detoxifies itself as we sleep and uses up water to do so.  Sole is extremely hydrating to the body because of the minerals found in the Himalayan salt itself.  When we ingest those minerals, our cells are able to absorb and replenish.  This is especially important for those who are active because our fascia and muscles need hydration to say supple and flexible too.  

Here’s how to make sole:

• Using a high-quality pink Himalayan sea salt, put 1/4 cup into the bottom of a mason jar

• Fill the jar with filtered water, leaving just a little space at the top (1-2 inches)

• Softly and slowly shake the jar

• Let it sit for 24 hours

• Pour 1 tsp into cup of water in the morning

• Enjoy and replenish!


Gratitude & Prayer


This is as simple as it sounds but it’s powerful.  If you happen to wake up on the wrong side of the bed, reminding yourself of something you’re deeply grateful for may just turn your mood, and day around.  I’ll write down anywhere from 1-5 things that I feel extra thankful for that day and follow it up with a prayer.


Schedule The Day


We’ve all heard of the ever-popular to-do-list for the day.  That to me can get overwhelming because it’s easy to fill a whole page of things that should get done as soon as possible.  I like to shrink it down ONLY to the tasks that absolutely need to get done that day.  I write the non-negotiable’s in first, such as standing meeting times or sessions with clients.  I then write in my workout, my breaks, and a hard stop to the day where I’ll no longer be in “work mode”.  Here’s an example:


7-8am: Wake up, have my sole water, journal/meditation, wash my face and get ready to conquer the day

8:30-9:30am - Client 1

9:30-10:30am - Client 2

10:30- 11:30am - Client 3

11:30-12:30 Break for lunch

1-2 Take a walk outside

2-2:30 Yoga flow

3-4 Client

5-6 Client

6 Dinner and done for the day


Being able to lay out my days like this (particularly during quarantine) allows me to clearly see my day, stay on track, and get things accomplished. 

Meditation & Breath Work


There is scientific evidence supporting the benefits of daily meditation.  These benefits include helping our ability to concentrate, decrease stress and anxiety, promote kindness towards others, a positive attitude, and so many more.  I personally like to do it so I can start my day with a clear mind and from a place of compassion towards the rest of the world.


I admit, meditation and breath-work doesn’t come natural to me.  It’s hard for me to want to sit still and “just breathe” without being distracted and thinking about the day ahead.  I prefer to use an app such as Headspace to help guide my breathing.  It’s easier for me to focus on my breath, versus just sitting in silence and trying to do it myself.  If I’m running short on time and am unable to do a 10-minute meditation through an app, I rely on the box breathing technique and try to do this for 3-5 minutes.  Box breathing is the following:  It’s helpful to envision a box, and inhale for four breaths up one side of the box, hold for four breaths as you go over the top of the box, exhale four breaths as you go back down the side of the box, and hold again as you complete the box down at the bottom.  I like this technique because you can have a visual cue as long as a breathing cue, and provides less space for distraction.

Read An Inspiring Book


These small acts can potentially determine the way your day goes.  If you don’t have the time for all of these,  choose one or two that resonate the most with you and make your own routine out of it! 

This one is simple.  I’m dedicated to being a forever student and reading about the lives of others when it comes to the mastery of happiness, faith, success, productivity, business, and more.  I commit to 5-10 minutes of reading at the end of my morning routine. 

For more from Stephanie, visit her blog www.sitdownwithsteph.com or on Instagram @sitdownwithsteph

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