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Jessica's Friendsgiving/Thanksgiving Table

When we started designing the look for Jessica's friendsgiving table, we really wanted to keep it authentic to where we were and also stray a little from a more traditional look as far as color and style. Both of us being Texas girls, Thanksgiving usually lends itself to warm snuggly weather, football, autumnal color palette, all things "traditionally fall," with a hint of transition into Christmas.

Now that we’ve been in California for some time, the heart and soul of Texas is still inside us, but "fall" takes on a whole new meeting. We really wanted to translate that in her table and give people a different spin on Thanksgiving.

We decided to go with an antique blue, sage green and oatmeal/golden color palette. Using natural woods, ceramics, and pretty much what you see when you look out into the California landscape. We commissioned our favorite vendors that really give us the warmth we need to a pallet that isn’t usually considered to be as warm. Jewel from Found rentals helped us design a textured and comfy environment that could foster conversation along with the incredible dishes Jessica and Gaby made for hours on end. Diana from Casa de Perrin provided the beautiful ceramic plates and goblets that put the right feeling onto the table we wanted to convey.

We really like to mix the softness in florals that have touches like feathery Pampas grass with "harder" elements like ceramic and glass. I think they go well together, and Paige from Bowen House was able to help tie the florals and the vision in together so beautifully.
If you want to give your Thanksgiving table a little holiday makeover this year, you don’t have to go out and buy all new decor. By changing a couple elements, you can freshen up your table in no time!


Tip 1:
If you wanna add some softer elements, try Pampas grass. One disclaimer: it sheds like crazy so to avoid that, spray it with good old fashioned maximum hold hairspray. Like the cheap kind. You can also seal it with clear glitter spray paint if you like a little sparkle on the table.

Tip 2:
Go for a different color of pumpkin. After Halloween, there are lots of pumpkins just waiting to be purchased, and usually at discount rates. Instead of going for orange, how about a white pumpkin, or paint/ decorate your orange pumpkins to give your table some flair! (See my October post!)

Tip 3:
Make it feel like home. Everything doesn’t have to match on your table. If you have dishware that has been passed down or grandma’s favorite Pyrex dishes, bring ‘em out! These subtle additions will not only lend to great conversation and storytelling, but will connect your family together in a special way.

Tip 4:
Use eucalyptus as table flair. Eucalyptus is fairly inexpensive and easy to find, lay flat along the table and in between the dishes to fill space and provide a natural table runner!

No matter what your Thanksgiving table looks like, it’s all about getting people together and spending time with family and friends. Don’t forget to let go a little and enjoy the true meaning of this special day!

We love you @whambamevents!