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Five Questions With Trainer Teri Ann

My name is Teri Ann Krefting and I’ve been a friend of Jessica’s for over 6 years.  I’m a NASM certified personal trainer.  I worked in Los Angeles for 14 years, teaching group fitness classes and training countless private clients.  In 2016, I moved to New Smyrna Beach, FL where I had two children and opened a boutique gym called Good Vibes Spin & Circuit.  You can find me on Instagram @tkrefting and @goodvibesspincircuit.

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Question 1:


What is an easy move or two I can do when I have a few minutes of free time?
Two easy moves you can do when you are short on time are squats and mountain climbers.  Squats are the perfect lower body exercise.  You can do them anywhere, anytime.  Not only do they strengthen your glutes and quads, but they work your core, too.  And, you can kick them up a notch by adding a jump to each rep.  Mountain climbers are a great exercise to carve your core and tone your arms.  You can do them slowly to really work the abs or you can speed them up for a little extra cardio burn.  

Question 2:


What is the best tip for staying fit during quarantine?
One simple tip I recommend (and try to follow myself) is to make sure you get up and move every hour you are awake and to try and break a sweat for at least 20 minutes a day.  You can achieve this by following one of many exercise programs online or by walking outside (if weather allows).  Just get that heart rate up everyday.

Question 3:


What is a nutrition tip for those of staying at home?
I regularly  snack on apple with peanut butter, and eat a lot of Greek yogurt (my fav is Danon Strawberry cheesecake).  My favorite easy-to-make, healthy meal is lettuce wrap tacos with ground turkey and fresh salsa (lots of flavor, very few calories).

Question 4:


Any favorite snacks?
Try to fill your house with healthy, portion controlled snacks.  Give yourself options so you don’t get bored & try not to completely deprive yourself.

Question 5:


What’s an easy workout you can do with your kids?
I have a 3 year old and a 7 week old and when we’re stuck at home, I like to build obstacle courses for my 3 year old to run through.  They can be anything, but favorites include sprints, jumps, climbing obstacles & even hopscotch. Variations can include shooting a basket or dribbling a soccer ball. Just keep it fun. We time them to see if he can beat his best time.  I‘ll try to do them with him, as well.  Another good way to get your kids moving is to encourage them to move like animals.  For example, crawl like a bear, jump like a frog etc. - Exercise is more fun when you give it a cute animal name!


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