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Easter 2019

Easter is one of my favorite holiday parties to host because it's all about the kids. I reached out to my friend Steph from Wham Bam Events to work with me to create an event that the little ones and the adults would both enjoy.

And what did that mean, exactly? A giant Easter egg obstacle course, a bunny throne, and a kids' craft table, of course. To make it feel a little different from a traditional Easter party, we also used a decor palette of vibrant colors instead of traditional pastels. 


Steph: Since I’ve had the pleasure of planning the annual Easter egg hunt the past couple years, I knew I wanted to stay consistent with what we’ve done in years past, but improve where I could as well. The double edged-sword about annual events is that you kind of already have a template to work from, but you also have similar guests attending, and you want to mix it up when you can.

I’ll start with what we knew. We knew we wanted an Easter bunny again, I knew we had to have an egg hunt, and basket for each of the kids. We also knew that the family would be taking first picture of Little Miss Birdie that anyone had ever seen, so we wanted really great opportunities for photos throughout the yard.

I really wanted to play with color this year, and Jess and I thought it would be fun to do the pallet in all kinds of shades of pink. I had this idea of these floral Easter chandeliers but wasn’t sure how to actually create them. I’m still amazed that Mark’s Garden could create my exact vision from a rough sketch I made!

I wanted to use the Pergola that we had custom-made for Jessica‘s baby shower in January, but make it look different and fresh. It was supposed to be a really overcast day, so I didn’t completely drape the tent, but we covered about 80% of it with lace, blush, and fuchsia fabric.

We knew we wanted a bunny to come, and he definitely needed somewhere to take pictures, so we covered a wooden frame with strips of lace. I wanted to make that tent a little fun, so I rented some cone shaped trees, ask them to be dressed with marigold, and we did a play off of a carrot shape.

The goodies

When it came to Easter baskets, we didn’t want to spend a lot but we wanted them to look good. We purchased basic baskets and then I taped off each basket about midway down and painted them various colors. I think I only repeated the same pattern two or three times! Each of the kids got a custom made linen bunny printed sack we purchased from Etsy and filled them with candy from Sugarfina, custom crayons from MySunshineBear, and little toys and gifts.

I always love working with The Crown Collective, and I thought it would be fun this year for us to have floral bunny ears. We bought wire and plastic headbands from Amazon and they dressed them in the cutest of ways! They totally fit the theme and added so much!

The décor

When it came to decor, I wanted to keep it fun, but also beautiful and not too formal. Wherever we had food, we decorated with jelly beans and Peeps in clear vases to keep it light and thematic. A bunny’s butt cheese tray was a “cheeky” way of doing an Easter appetizer.

This year’s craft station was my favorite!

We have the kids paint their own terra-cotta flower pots and then they got to choose a flower to plant and take home with them. They enjoyed this different type of craft and it works for all ages since we have kids from 0 to 9 in attendance.

Due to popular demand

We brought back the ever popular donut wall. I’m not if you can tell from the picture, but I tried to make them look like flowers! I added some carrot “garland” to make it festive.