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Easter 2018

Easter is one of my favorite holiday parties to host because it's all about the kids. I reached out to my friend Steph from Wham Bam Events to work with me to create an event that the little ones and the adults would both enjoy. And what did that mean, exactly? A giant Easter egg obstacle course, a bunny throne, and a kids' craft table, of course. To make it feel a little different from a traditional Easter party, we also used a decor palette of vibrant colors instead of the usual pastels.


Steph: Easter is one of those holidays that can go either way based on previous traditions, or it can be a chance to create new traditions of your own. As the kids are getting older, it seems like a traditional Easter egg hunt was still fun, but I wanted to give them a little something more. I came up with this crazy idea to design an Easter obstacle course from scratch (rather than hiring a professional company that does them all the time) and it was truly a success! It really wasn’t as daunting as I first thought it would be. I rented some hedges and fencing to make the outline, and then sourced some great Easter games from Pinterest and the good ol’ Internet. I modified them like I always do, hired some incredible nannies to supervise and guide the younger ones along, and viola!



If you are an event planner, some of the greatest staff you can hire for kids parties are professional nanny/caretaker/babysitters. They’re used to handling kids of all types and ages, and you can’t beat someone’s natural gift for connecting with little ones.
Other than the obstacle course and the Easter egg hunt, visit from the Easter Bunny was one of the highlights of the day. We got him a special throne from a prop rental company and let the kids come take photos as they wanted to.


As far as decor was concerned, I really just wanted places for people to sit and be together. We grouped the tables near each other, or as satellites to the kids table where all the action was going on, and Mark’s Garden did a beautiful job of dressing the polls with these incredible climbing floral arrangements.

Upon arrival, each of the kids got their own bucket prefilled with the cutest goodies from Etsy (MySunshineBear makes the BEST custom crayons!!) as well as candy from Oriental Trading (they have awesome thematic treats!) and assorted bunny ears.

The most important element to this event was bonding with family and friends, I wanted to make sure that every activity included as many people as possible and fun could be had by all ages!

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