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Airport Chic

I am a working mom and travel is a big part of my world.

Most of our brand meetings are in NYC, so I am regularly flying back and forth to see the product and meet with my designers. I also travel quite a bit for pleasurefamily vacations, weddings, birthdays, you name it. No matter the occasion, I love to travel in style.
Take a peek at my travel essentials:

A Great Bag

One that can double as a carry-on/work tote is a must! I love a big slouchy handbag that can expand to fit everything I need. I love my large Celine and my Balenciaga Everyday Tote because they are big enough to pack my airplane essentials but then chic enough to carry around as a purse while I’m traveling. I made a great version for my own line that I love just as much: Selena Tote.

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A Plane-to-Brainstorm Outfit

A blazer (currently loving the Boyfriend Blazer by Jame's Jeans), boot-cut jeans like my Adored Belmont High-Rise Flare, and a simple t-shirt (like this oneis my go-to look for travel, so I can get off the plane and head straight into my first meeting or work event in style. I also love my Gwendelin kimono as it is super versatile and easy to throw on over any outfit!

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Makeup Bag

I always keep my makeup bag easily accessible in my carry-on so I can freshen up before we land.
Moisturizer is key while flying because air on the plane can be so drying. I swear by the Sonya Dakar Omega Oil for keeping my skin from drying out when I travel. I also make sure that I bring my EO lavender hand sanitizer wipes to keep the germs away!

In-Ears Headphones

I never travel without my in-ears (that I use on stage when I sing) and a splitter. I love to annoy whomever I am traveling with to watch the same movie as me. So I use the split to connect to their headphones and this way we can watch the same movie and laugh and cry together at the same time! I know I am a nerd!

A Great Playlist

If I’m taking a red-eye and need to sleep, I’ll make sure I have some good, moody tunes from Sigur Rós and Jeff Buckley. But if I need to keep my energy going for a meeting, then I’ll make a mix of my faves, which includes everything from AC/DC and Led Zeppelin to the White Stripes and Willie Nelson.

Take a listen to my Travel Spotify playlist here.



The best way to look chic right off the plane is to cover those dark circles with a big, bold pair of sunnies. They instantly take your look to the next level. I absolutely love the sunglasses from my line because I get to match my mood to my shadesI can go big on glam, cool and classic, or for a more sultry look.

A Cozy Blanket

I am a sucker for anything cozy! I love to snuggle up and those airplane blankets just don’t do it for me. I always pack my favorite Barefoot Dreams Throw to keep me warm and it really makes a difference on those long flights. The other day, my sister Ashlee and I were flying together and we both pulled out the exact same blanket! It was hilarious. If the leopard is too crazy for you, there are plenty of easy neutrals to choose from as well.

A Rolling Suitcase

Twenty-four hours only? Then I’m skipping the bag check and bringing a change of clothes in a TSA-approved rolling suitcase, like the Jessica Simpson French Floral Hardside or the Jungle Story Carry-On spinner suitcase.