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A Splash for Ash

Our favorite event planner, Wham Bam Events, gave us a look into Ashlee's Baby Shower.

I’m not sure what the proper term for a shower when they're on the 3rd baby (I’d defer to Martha Stewart for that one) but we called it a splash, because it seemed fitting to come after a sprinkle.  Since I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Ashlee and the Simpson family for the better part of 30 years, its ALWAYS personal when we come together to celebrate. We enlisted her closest friends and family and paired up with Ashlee's mom, Tina, to strategize a small, safe gathering to celebrate baby number 3 while making sure we followed social distancing guidelines and respected the ones we love the most in doing so. Safety is PRIORITY.  


Ashlee is so many things and can pull off ANY style, but when I think of her, the word “free” some to mind first. She is open, honest, and free-spirited. I wanted to honor that, and the changing of the seasons, with an overgrown, hippie-inspired outdoor garden “pod party”. Ashlee's mom has an INCREDIBLE estate, so we used a garden tucked behind it as our setting. I attached my inspo board which included velvety textures smashed between earthy woods and soft florals.
Since we wanted everyone to feel they had their own space, we set up seating pods so guests can stay separate, but close enough to still talk to one another. Fun fact-ALL furniture we used for decor was either from Tina’s house, Jessica’s, or my personal inventory.  We really kept the down home family feel by searching n our own collections to pull something together, and it really worked!
I called on Shawna Yamamoto of Shawna Yamamoto Designs (@ShawnaYamamoto) to create some beautiful floral moments and photo ops. In one of the vignettes, we mixed Tina’s wooden daybed with vintage leather chairs Jessica had in storage to create an outdoor “Grey Gardens” type overgrown seating spot. She also created a floral ring to take photos in front of, and added touches through out the event to beautifully clash the textures and pull the color palette together. They vibes perfectly with Tiffany’s balloons from Tamber Crafts (@TamberCrafts) and we didn't use helium so were able to enjoy them throughout the week before recycling. 
I always like for guests to do something thoughtful for the guest of honor and create something meaningful for themselves at my events, and this time wasn’t any different!
Aside from signing a limited edition of Sam McBratney’s “Guess How Much I Love You”  upon arrival, guests also painted rocks with words of encouragements or artwork to put in Ashlee’s new garden at home. We also had Brandi AKA “the Bohemian Cowgirl“ (@bohemiancowgirl) set up a sage-making station for guests to choose a crystal and dried florals and wrap their own sage bundles to take home. Everyone received an affirmation as well to take with them. Add that to the pianist playing pop hits with the word “baby” in them throughout the shower, and there really was no shortage of love!!
One of the most important pivots I’ve personally made standard in all my events, no matter how big or small, is individual portioning all food that’s served. Aricia from Alchemy Kitchen (@alchemy_kitchen_) made individual portions of Ashlee’s favorite foods. Included were: mini cheese boards, Chinese chicken salads, chicken poppers, mozzarella sticks, Mac and cheese balls, and spring rolls. Guests could take an individually-portioned serving and that eliminated double dipping and sharing serving utensils. 
The desserts were heaven! As usual Claritza from Cakes by Claritza (@cakesbyclaritza) gave us the most yummy funfetti cake, mini cookies/cupcakes and Rice Krispie treats as well. (Hint: if you’re having a small gathering but still want a more elaborate cake design, ask your baker to make the other tiers fake and just get what you need in terms of actual cake so you don’t waste!) We also had our favorite donuts from Blinkie’s (@blinkiesdonuts) and Banana Pudding form Alchemy Kitchen. 

Ashlee was super relaxed and her and her family and friends took some gorgeous photos together, as usual, by Kristin Burns (@kristingram)

Vendor List


Event production and design: Stephanie Terblanche, Wham Bam Events @whambamevents
Photographer: Kristin Burns, Kristin Burns Photography @Kristingram
Floral Design and Installations: Shawna Yamamoto, Shawna Yamamoto Design @ShawnaYamamoto
Catering: Aricia Alvarado, Alchemy Kitchen @Alchemy_Kitchen_
Cake/Desserts: Claritza Lopez, Cakes by Claritza @CakesbyClaritza
Balloons: Tiffany Navarro, Tamber Crafts @TamberCrafts
Donuts: Blinkie’s Donuts @Blinkiesdonuts
Sage Station: Brandi Holland, The Bohemian Cowgirls @thebohemiancowgirls

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