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20-Minute HIIT Workout

Teri Ann Krefting is a fitness trainer and personal friend of Team JS. She put together this quick and effecting 20-minute HIIT workout for you to get moving in 2021!

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Six Moves (Clockwise from top left):


1. Overhead Tricep Extension with Squat: While sitting into your squat, use both hands and let one heavy dumbbell fall behind your head. As you stand, use both hands to bend and extend over the top of your head.

2. Plank with Tricep Extension: Holding a high plank, bend and extend a medium dumbbell for a tricep extension. Switch arms every round.

3. Alternating Leg and Double Arm Extensions: Taking one leg back at a time, use both arms to push the dumbbells in front and then behind your body. Keep this quick. 

4. Alternating Weighted Jump Squats: With one weight in each hand, jump out into a squat. Push one dumbbell to the ground each squat. Switch arms each jump.  

5. Running Man: Hold a high plank, taking one knee to the opposite elbow then back to high plank. Repeat with each leg. 

6. Side Punch: Start with legs shoulder width apart. Take dumbbells to chest level. Turn to one side, punch out with one arm (this should be the opposite arm than the leg that is in front - left leg front, punch with right arm). Come to center, leg lifts to belly button and switch sides.

Start by completing 1 round of these 6 exercises. Do each round for 1 minute with 30 second break.  

Next do 1 round of each exercise for 45 seconds with a 15 second break.

Finally do 1 round of each exercise for 30 seconds with a 10 seconds break. 


If you have more time, add a second round to each timing, so 

2 Rounds at 1 minute with 30 second break.

2 rounds at 45 seconds with 15 second break.

2 rounds at 30 seconds with 10 second break. 


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